How To Cancel a Service Throughout this article, you will see how to cancel a service that you do no desire to renew.... How To Disable the Automatic Usage of Credit for Your Invoices ? Throughout this guide, you'll see how to disable the automatic use of your account balance to... How To Review a 2checkout Transaction Status? You may want to check the status of your Payment made through the 2checkout gateway. As a matter... How to Activate the 2 Factor Authentication for your Client Area At HostStage, we take your security very seriously and you may activate the 2 Factors... How to Add / Delete a Debit / Credit Card? Throughout this quick guide, you'll see how to manage your credit / debit cards with us. Whether... How to Add Funds for Your Account Credit Balance? At HostStage,  you are given several options for your payment such as setting a subscription for... How to Cancel your PayPal Subscription? Throughout this guide you'll see how to cancel your PayPal subscription.  If you face an issue... How to Change the Payment Gateway for your Invoices? Throughout this guide, you'll learn how to change your Payment gateway on the fly upon a payment... How to Change your Service's Billing Period? At HostStage, you may change your billing period at any time by simply opening a support ticket... How to Create a Credit / Debit Card Subscription? Thoughout this guide, you'll see how to set a subscription from your credit or debit card for... How to Create a Paypal Subscription for your services For you to create a paypal subscription when you order or renew a service, you would need to... How to Manually Use Your Account Credit on Invoices? If you have disabled the automatic credit option or if a new invoice was manually generated, you... How to Mass Pay Your Invoices ? From your client area, you are being given a way to automatically pay tall the invoices at once... How to Prevent Invoices From Being Automatically Merged ? By default, if you have services that are being renewed at the same period, the renewals invoices... How to Update your Client / Company Details for your Invoices ? In order to update your client details, add a new contact, change your address or company name,... How to Upgrade your Hosting / VPS Service ? If you have either a Shared Web hosting, a Linux VPS (managed or unmanaged) or even a Windows... How to Upgrade your Service's Add-on and Options? Throughout this guide, you'll see how to update your configurable options for a given services or... How to View & Manage your Abuse Reports ? All Abuse related interaction are to be done within the abuse center.  In order to access the... How to View the List of All HS Emails Sent ? Within your client-area, you are given the option to view and browse all the emails that were... How to change your email address for your HostStage account In order to change your email address associated with your account, you must create a support... What is a Proforma Invoice? A Proforma invoice stands for a renewal order which is preliminary to the actual renewal of the... What is the Grace Period Policy? At HostStage, the invoices are generated 5 days prior to the service's renewal due date.... What is the Non Disclure Agreement (NDA) ? At HostStage, upon subscription you receive a NDA agreement automatically.  It has been designed... When my Dedicated Server will Be delivered For a Managed Dedicated Server the delivery would take between 24 and 48 hours typically. The... Why Have I been Charged Twice ? The reason leading to a double charge is when there is an active Payment subscription (Paypal or... Why is my Invoice Still Unpaid After Payment? We are offering several Payment Gateways and some of them involves a delay into processing the... How to Create a Paypal Billing Agreement? A PayPal billing agreement is a master subscription allowing to clear all the generated invoices...
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