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Thoughout this guide, you'll see how to set a subscription from your credit or debit card for automatic payment and billing period renewals. 

From the invoice, you may first create Stripe subscription where you'll be able to set your dedit / credit cards as default payment. 

To proceed you may first select Stripe from your Invoice and in the Payment Method. 

Once the invoice has been reloaded you may select "Pay Now". 


This method implies to wait for 5 days prior to your due date for the invoice to be generated. Once generated, you'll be create the subscription for the next invoices. 

Manage Credit Cards

You'll be prompted to click on 'Add New credit Card' as indicated in the screenshot below: 


You may then type your card details and save it. 




The card will be added to the system for automatic payment. You would simply need to send us an email to have us change the default payment method which will be done in a couple of hours. 

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