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During some installation of the VirtualMin panel you may encounter the error:

Connecting to (||:443... connected.

ERROR: cannot verify's certificate, issued by '/C=US/O=Let\'s Encrypt/CN=R3':   Issued certificate has expired.

Throughout this guide, we will roll a simple fix which would allow you to bypass the error. 

The error may occur upon downloading the installation file with the command: 


In which case you may add the -no-check-certificate flag to wget: 

wget --no-check-certificate

However, upon running the you may encounter the same error. In which case you would need to reinstall the package ca-certificates of your server. 

To proceed on CentOS you would need to run the command: 

yum -y reinstall ca-certificates

On Debian / Ubuntu

apt-get --reinstall install ca-certificates

That's it. You may run the installation command again and it should be working flawlessly. 

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