How to Install Softaculous on a cPanel Server?

Throughout this article, you'll learn how to install the Softaculous 1 Click Installer plugin on your cPanel installation. 

Softaculous is a solution allowing you to install over 400 CMS in 1 Click to quickly deploy websites. 

This article presuppose that you have already a working cPanel installation with a SSH root access. It would be suitable for Linux VPS and Linux Dedicated server running CentOS and cPanel. 


To proceed with the installation you would need to: 


1) Login to WHM and in "Tweak Settings", click on the "PHP" tab and Tick on the cPanel PHP Loader - "ioncube". 

Activate ioncube loaders

2) Login to your server using a SSH client or login WHM and click under "Server Configuration" on the "Terminal"

Terminal Menu from WHM

3) Once, you are logged in on the terminal you may type the following command: 

wget -N && chmod 755 && ./

That's it! Once the command has completed, Softaculous will be installed, up and running.

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