How to run a manual Malware / Exploit & Antivirus Scan

Throughout this guide, you'll learn how to quickly scan your whole account looking for exploits, or malware or virus which may have infected your websites or even your cPanel account. 

On the top of our daily scans, on the fly files curation and firewalls, we offer the possiblity for our clients to scan their web hosting account for malwares. 

The scan relies on an engine capable of identifying thousands of updated malwares footprints. 

Using the ClamAV engine, your account will be scanned throroughly and all hits would be attempted to be cleaned and / or quarantined. 

In order to proceed, you would need to following the steps below: 


1) Login to your cPanel account: 


2) Once logged in to cPanel, you would need to click ont the "virus scanner" icon. 

cPanel Virus Scanner interface

3) In the Virus Scanner configuration page, select "Scan Entire Home Directory" and click on "Scan Now" as indicated in the screenshot below: 

shared hosting malware scanner

According to your web hosting files counts and size, it may take a moment to be processed. 

You'll find a report once completed including your infected files. If any hits, we would strongly recommend to investigate the source of the exploits. 

NOTE: We perform daily full servers scans using 2 different engines and different malware signature detections, there is also an on the fly malware scan of new server's files. All these are measures while highly efficient would still require some security hygiene to ensure the proper behavior of your websites. You may reach out to us for further information 

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