How to Create an Email Account in cPanel

Throughout this tutorial, you'll learn how to create an email account for your web hosting account with cPanel. 

To proceed you would need to follow the steps mentioned below: 


1) First, login to cPanel using your HS Manager or the details provided in the "New Web Hosting Account Information" email. 

2) Click on the "Email Accounts" section of cPanel

Email Account Icon cPanel

3) Once on the Email Accounts Management page you may click on Create

create email account interface of cPanel

4) You are now prompted to enter the account information you would like to create. Type the username / email address you desire and define a password. Then you may decide on the Storage space to allocate to the given email account as indicated in the screenshot below: 

email management interface with values to set to create an email account

If you intend to create several email accounts at once you may tick "Stay on this page after I click Create" which would provide you a faster way to create them all. 


That's it! You have now create an email account and you may repeat the process as per the your web hosting plan allowance. 

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