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∫Throughout this tutorial, you'll learn how to quickly roll out a Wordpress based website for your shared hosting account. 

The process has been made super easy for you and is extremely convenient while bringing a whole set of features and configuration available to you. 

Let's dive right into it. 


  1. Login to your cPanel Account either from your client area or from the email you have received upon ordering your web hosting account. 
  2. Once Logged in, head to the "Software" section of cPanel and click on "Wordpress Manager By Softaculous"

    cPanel Software Section - Softaculous Wordpress Manager Menu

  3. Once, the Wordpress Manager, you may click on "Install" in the top left corner

    Install Button under Wordpress Management title

  4. You may now configure your Wordpress based website 

    Wordpress Installation Configuration options part 1

    1. Choose the WP Version you would like to install. We always recommend to opt for the greater one
    2. Select whether you want a HTTPS based website or a HTTP. If HTTPS you would simply need to issue a SSL following this guide. It is free & just as easy. 
    3. Give your website a name and a title. You'll of course be able to change it later directly from Wordpress
    4. Choose the Wordpress admin username and password and save it. 
    5. You may specify any email you wish to use along with your website. You may even use a custom email such as
  5. Under the fold, you have a second set of configuration which goes as follows

    Wordpress Installation Configuration options part 2

    1. Select Plugin. If you have configured a plugin sets for your wordpress websites, you may use it here. Otherwise, you may leave it empty and add plugins directly from Wordpress at any time. 
    2. Select your Wordpress theme from our theme selection for you to get a gorgeous looking website within the reach of a single click. 
    3. You may populate the "Email Installation Details to" in order to receive a recapitulative emails including your Wordpress login details
  6. You may now 1 click on "Install" 


That's it you have installed a fully configured wordpress based website without having to handle any database management, FTP downloading or even theme tweaking. Everything will be ready within 1 minute and everything will be done for you. 

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