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Throughout this article, you will see how to cancel a service that you do no desire to renew. 

Note: Dedicated Servers users are requested to submit their cancellation up to 7 days before their renewal. 

To proceed, you would simply need to follow the steps: 

1) Login to Your "HS Manager" and go to "My Services"

2) Once on the "My Services" Page, you will see a list of all the active web hosting services you have with us. You may click on the one you do not wish to renew:

HS Service list page

3) Once, on the service management page, you may click on the "Request Cancellation" button which will prompt you to the cancellation steps. 

Service Details Page

4) You may proceed with the steps and you'll be able to schedule the cancellation either at the end of your billing period or immediately. All Cancellations are irrevocably processed at 5 AM GMT +1. Pay extra attention to the service you are cancelling as it would involve a data loss which we wouldn't be able to guarantee as recoverable. 

Request Cancellation page

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