How to Fix the RDP error "An Internal error has occurred"

This guide will walk you through the you are facing upon trying to login to your remote desktop server. 

If upon login, you are facing the error mentioned in the layout below then this guide is made for you. 


On MacOS X Remote Desktop client, the error will be: "Error code: 0x4" while trying to connect. 

The error is due to a Microsoft Soft limit in the number of established connections for your server which is set by default to 2000. Past that amount of connections, all new connections are being rejected by your VPS. The connections could be coming from your very activities on your VPS (applications, web servers) or also intrusion attempts (scanning bots, remote desktop brute forcing, ransomware exploit - such as Wannacry on the port 445) If the latter, we would recommend the add-on RDP Guard which would extend the protection of your Windows Server. You may contact us for further information on this add-on. 


NOTE: If your Windows VPS has been installed / reinstalled past the 25th of November 2020. This hotfix has been already applied. You may attempt to restart your Windows VPS from your control panel and open a support ticket if the issue was to persist for us to troubleshoot further.


To fix your VPS, you would need to first restart your Windows VPS from your HS control panel. The restart would have the effect of resetting the connections and would allow you to initiate a Remote Desktop connection. The restart is mandatory to apply this fix. 


Once, the VPS is back online you may download the following patch onto your Windows VPS:

Extract the ZIP file, and run the max.reg script and click OK on the warning. 


You would finally need to restart your Windows VPS in order to apply the patch which would increase the allowed connections to 10 000. 

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