How to Withdraw Your Affiliate Earnings

In order to withdraw your affiliate earnings, we only require a threshold of $5 of earnings which is extremely slow. 
Once you have reached the earning threshold, make sure you have updated the PayPal Email Address following the guide below:

Once, you have updated the PayPal ID, you may go to the HS Affiliates Center and click on the button "Request Withdrawal". You'll notice a confirmation which should. "Your request for a withdrawal has been submitted. You will be contacted shortly."

A support ticket will automatically be opened for us to process the withdrawal in less than 24 hours. 

withdrawal button to get hosting affiliates earnings


If the your earnings are over $3500, you may request to be paid with a Bank Wire. In which case, once you have clicked on "Request Wtihdrawal", you may head to your support ticket list and provide us with your Bank details. Please note there could be an extended delay for your withdrawal to be processed due to structural banking operation delays. 

Finally, you may also withdraw your earnings as HS credit which can be used on any invoice for existing services or even future services with us. In which case, you would also need to go the support ticket and mention you would like the earnings to be processed as credits and we will proceed. 

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