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While an A DNS entry associate a domain name to an IP, the PTR record points an IP to a domain when you perform a reverse DNS (Domain Name System) lookup.
The rDNS is increasing the domain authority and it is generally used for mail servers as far as some email providers are checking the PTR Records before delivering an email from your servers.
Basically, having a reverse DNS would drastically increase your inboxing rate to your emails opt-in lists.

How to set your rDNS records with HostStage?

We do provide for free the set up of the rDNS for our linux VPS, our windows VPS and our dedicated servers running any OS.
In order to proceed, you would need to raise a support ticket to the Technical Support, mentionning your PTR records and its associated IP

Prior to the ticket, you need to insure that a A entry does exist on the IP you want to associate the domain with. Also, we won't set plural rDNS per IP.

How to check your rDNS records?

In order to check your current rDNS, you would need to open a command prompt :

1) Linux:

You would need to type either : dig -x IP or  host IP

2) Windows:

You would need to type nslookup IP

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