How to Change your Service's Billing Period?

At HostStage, you may change your billing period at any time by simply opening a support ticket at the Billing Center. It is a great way to not worry about invoice's renewals or benefit from a way more interesting pricing point. 

A Billing Operator will attend to your query at the earliest during the Billing Center working hours. In order to speed up the process, you may check the following requirements & steps which would help you to achieve the modification efficiently: 

  • As a requirement, no invoice must be overdue on your account which would be a blocking event for the billing period change. Before, proceeding to the period change you may clear the outstanding invoice and then request the change. 
  • Specify the desired Billing Period between Monthly, Quarterly, Semi Annually, Annually in your support ticket.
  • Specify whether you would like to be invoiced now at at the service's regular due date.  In both cases, the invoice will never overlap your current billing period leading to a double charge; it will be a time extension added to your current renewal date by the length of the desired billing period. (1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months). 

Note: As a reminder, the Billing Period are to be paid at their predefined interval and are not to be perceived as contracts brought to a monthly payment. In most cases, the greater the billing period, the more interesting the price is, all change of billing period will have their associated pricing applied whether beneficial or not (when downgrading the billing period). Because of this price benefit, the billing period prepayment are not refundable, should a cancellation occur before the end term of the given billing period.  

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