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Throughout this guide, you'll learn how to change your Payment gateway on the fly upon a payment of an invoice. 

Your invoices are generated with a default setting which match the first payment you made. You can change the gateway at any time upon a renewal. 

The only condition is that your invoice has been generated already. To proceed follow these steps below: 

1- Login to your HS Manager and Click on "Invoices" or directly go the URL below:

2- Once, on the "My Invoices" section you may click on the unpaid invoice you would like to pay. 

3- You'll be taken directly on to the invoice on which you'll have the control to choose the desired payment gateway. Click on the "Payment Method" dropdown and select the wanted gateway as indicated in the screenshot below. Your invoice will automatically reload and prompt you at the top right corner to proceed with the payment from the new gateway. 

How to change your payment gateway for your HostStage invoice

Note: 2checkout and Skrill both processes Dedit / Credits Cards. 

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