How to Cancel your PayPal Subscription?

Throughout this guide you'll see how to cancel your PayPal subscription. 

If you face an issue with a PayPal account or if you placed a Cancellation Request for a service with an active subscription, you would need to cancel it from your PayPal account. This process is required to prevent any non desired charge as if kept active regardless of your service status, a payment will automatically be sent. 

We do emphasize that we can't be held responsible for the subscription status as it is being done from your own PayPal session which we do not have access to. 

To proceed, you may login to your PayPal account. 

1)  Click on the Setting Wheel in the top left corner then click on the Payments tabs and click on "Manage your Automatic Payments" which should also be available at the link below : 

For Personal PayPal Accounts:

For Business PayPal Accounts:


2) In the subscription List search for Elite Media Solutions SAS or HostStage being respectfully our company name and commercial brand. 


3) Once located,  you may click on Cancel as indicated in the screenshot below: 

How to cancel your PayPal Subscription

Once, you have cancelled using the described steps, your account will no longer send funds. There could be several subscriptions if you used to have several services. 


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