How to Reinstall Your Linux VPS Instance?

Throughout, this guide you'll see how to reinstall your Linux VPS within a few clicks. You would need to proceed with extra care as following this guide will involve a full data loss of the current instance without any possible recovery. For Managed User, you may reach out to our support to schedule the intervention with one of our technical analyst as a manual intervention is required to reinstall the cPanel  and the server. 

To reinstall and wipe your Linux VPS instance, you may proceed as indicated: 

1) Login to your VPS Control Panel at the link below. The expected login details were sent with your Linux VPS and the username should start with vmuser and its associated password.

**Note: Giving the criticality of the operation, the reinstallation can't be performed from the HS Manager so we can introduce a second layer of authentification to prevent any unexpected OS reinstallation

2) Once logged in, select the Linux VPS Instance you would like to reinstall by clicking on manage. Click on "Reinstall" from the "General" tab

How to reinstall your linux server from control panel

3) Select the OS you would need from the list and click on "Reinstall" at the bottom. Click on "Yes" to confirm the reinstallation 

How to reinstall your linux server from control panel

That's it, you'll see the confirmation message mentioned below and it will be shown there. The default login are the same than before the reinstallation. 

How to reinstall your linux server from control panel


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