How to Change Your Linux VPS HostName & Service Name?

Throughout this guide, you'll see how to change your Linux VPS hostname which will be used inside your Linux VPS instance. 

The operation will also automatically change your linux service name within your HS Manager and your invoices. It will allow you to recognise at ease the service you would like to renew. 

To proceed, you would need to follow these steps. 

1) Login to your HS Manager

2) Go to "My Services"

3) Click on the Linux VPS you would like to change the hostname for.

4) Once, on your Linux VPS page, you would simply need on the Hostname menu as indicated in the screenshot below and type the hostname & service name for your VPS. 

Linux VPS Control Panel

The change will be automatically and instantly applied onto your Linux VPS instance but also within the whole client-area (services name and invoices). 

That's it. You have changed your VPS hostname within a couple of clicks. 

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