How to Activate the 2 Factor Authentication for your Client Area

At HostStage, we take your security very seriously and you may activate the 2 Factors Authentication. To proceed, you would need to first install a Time Based token app such as: 

  • Duo
  • Or Google Authenticator will generate a code that would change every 30 seconds which you'll be asked to type upon login on your HS Manager. 

The application is available on both Android and iOS.

In order to activate the two factors authentication you would need to go to your client area main page and click on Update

In the sidebar, you'll notice Security Settings which you would need to click on. 

You'll now see the Two Factor Authentication section on which you would need to click on Click here to Enable. 

How to activate 2FA at HostStage

At the next stage, you'll prompt to click on Get Started >>

How to activate 2FA at HostStage

You'll notice a QR Code which you'll need to scan from the Google Authenticator App and it will return you the code to input. 

How to activate 2FA at HostStagel

Upon submission of the code generated by the app, you'll be prompted to save your backup codes which would allow you to login if you happen to loose access to your Google Authenticator App. We recommend you to safely save these codes offline or at least on a different device than the one used to access. 

That's it. You have now enable the 2 Factors authentification for your account and you'll prompt to input a code upon login. 

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