How to Upgrade your Hosting / VPS Service ?

If you have either a Shared Web hosting, a Linux VPS (managed or unmanaged) or even a Windows VPS, you may upgrade the VPS services directly from the client area. 

In order to do so you would need to go to your Manager and click My Services

You should see a table listing all your services. 

How to upgrade your web hosting services or VPS

Click on the concerned service you would like to upgrade anywhere on the service's row. 

You should have the recapitulative of your service and you should see a green button tilted Upgrade. Click on it. 

How to upgrade your web hosting services or VPS

You'll be then introduced to all the available plans for your concerned services which you may upgrade to. 

How to upgrade your web hosting services or VPS


Once, you have chosen the required level you may click on Choose Product and proceed with the checkout steps. Please note that if you are upgrading, you'll be only charged of the remaining days of your billing period and only for the difference between the two levels. It is always when possible financially more interesting to upgrade than purchasing a new service. 

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