How To Create an API Token?

Throughout this guide, you'll see how to activate the API and create a token for your access to the HostStage APi. 

You can either access it from the URL below:

Or, you'll be able to find it from your manager after you login to your client area from the link below:

Once logged in to your Managed Home page, you'll be able to click on the Settings of the API Token Manager as shown in the screenshot below: 

Access the HostStage API Token Management Page

From the API Settings page, you'll be able to generate your own token to the API or you'll be able to revoke them. With the encrypted API token, you'll be able to build your application around our API in a breeze. 

Generate API Tokens to Hosting API

Please note that these tokens gives the highest clearance to your account and therefore, it must remains confidential and shall not be shared with untrusted parties. 

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