How to Access Your Windows VPS

In order to access your Windows VPS / Windows Dedicated Server flawlessly from a windows computer, you would need to follow this guide step by step.

We will be using the RDP program built in windows, which insures a very little amount of ressources used and a strong reliability.

1) Click on the Start menu

2) If you have a Windows Vista / 7 machine you can type "remote desktop connection" in seach field, and click on the RDP program.

3) If you a Windows XP / 2k computer, you would need to go to all programs, accessories and click on remote destop connection.

4) You'll have a pop-up with 1 field to fill. You would need to type the ip address you have received within your Welcome Email.

5) Then, you should another pop up with 2 fields : User Name and Password which are also provided in your Welcome Email.

6) Click Ok and accept the certificate warning. 

You are now logged in your Windows VPS / Remote Desktop connection program.

You can find below the tutorial summed up in a video :