How to Access Your Windows VPS with an Android Device

You may come to the point when you would need to access your windows VPS through an Android device.
This tutorial will guide you through the steps to perform in order to have an access to your RDP.
1) You need to download a RDP (Remote Desktop Program) client for Android.
We have choosen 2X Remote Desktop Client which is the most popular client on the google market. 
You'll be able to download and install the app freely from here : 
2) Once, you have installed the application, you would be invited to add a new server. 
3) You tap on RDP Connection
4) You'll be invite to fill a few details about your VPS such as : 
- Alias which is allowing you to customize the name of your VPS
- Server where you would need to type the IP address provided in the email you have received at sign up ("NEW VPS INFORMATION")
- Port which you would have to leave as default (3389)
- User Name which is Administrator for the Windows VPS or root for the dedicated servers
- Password which has been also provided in the email you received
Dealing with the others settings, it would depend if you are on a Wifi network or not as it would optimize the connection in avoiding the use of elements from the graphical interface.
5) You click on the App Menu button or return (it varies according to the device you are using) and tap save
6) That's it! When you are back at the main screen of 2X client you should have your server listed and you would just need to tap on it to get connected.
You can find a video below to illustrate the explanations above : 

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