Security Issue Glibc : CVE-2015-0235 -> PATCHED!

Hello,48 hours ago a new security vulnerability has been discovered affecting most of the linux distribution running the GNU C Library. It is announced as very easy to exploit. You can find accurate details of the security threat quoted below : "A heap-based buffer overflow was found in __nss_hostname_digits_dots(), which is used by the ... Read More »

30th Jan 2015
Linux VPS : New OS available

Hello,We have just released new versions that you can install from your VPS control panel directly. - Ubuntu 14.04 in 32 bits and 64 Bits version- CentOS 7 Minimal 64 bits and 64 bits. - Suse 13.1 64 BitsNote : CentOS 7 doesn't support cPanel installation just yet. We have also updated the OS list in the order form when you are purchasing a linux ... Read More »

12th Oct 2014
Security Issue bash : ShellShock CVE-2014-6271 and CVE-2014-7169 -> PATCHED!

A couple of days ago, 2 severe security threats were revealed which were called ShellShock. The security issue is dealing with the bash package affecting all Red Hat based OS (including CentOS), Debian, Ubuntu and Fedora. At HostStage, we took the problem very seriously and we deployed updates throughout our whole network. All our servers weree ... Read More »

29th Sept 2014
HostStage Now Accepts Bitcoins!

Finally, after numerous requests we have decided to take the plunge into the Bitcoin!You can now pay your invoices through te Coinbase gateway and use your bitcoins. You'll benefit from the instant activation, the 30 days moneyback guarantee, the automatic subscription and a conversion rate based on the current bitcoin value. We decided to ... Read More »

27th Sept 2014
Various Improvements : Changelogs

Over the last few days, we have deployed a few miscanellous enhancements to increase our services quality. You can find the change log below :Client Area : Changes / Fixes :- New client-area security layer. We add the possibility to define a personal security question which would be required to change your client-area password. It ... Read More »

9th Aug 2014
New Offer : VPS Level Freeze -> Windows and Linux VPS

Today, we introduce you one of the most requested services which would add some flexibility.Many users wanted the possibility to freeze their VPS for a couple of months while they are on vacations or they don't need their VPS for the time being. However, not loosing the data, files, and applications was mandatory while avoiding paying the VPS ... Read More »

8th Aug 2014
Shared Web Hosting : Various Background Improvements

Hello,We have deployed over the last few days a couple of improvements toward the shared web hosting servers. We have updated our backup servers with a 250% bigger capacity so we can keep performing the 7 days backup retention for each websites plus the monthly backup. It allows you to be able to restore 8 different versions of any file ... Read More »

8th Aug 2014
Linux VPS : Weak Password Hunt!

Hello,We are currently deploying an algorythm to detect weak passwords which is creating a significant vulnerability for your VPS.  If your password is considered as too weak (included in most famous brute force dictionnary or not including a complex string) it will be changed automatically to a more secured one and we will email the ... Read More »

2nd Aug 2014
Windows VPS - Next Gen on its way !

It's coming! Today we are proud to annouce that we are going to release our next gen Windows VPS, finally!The first users will be transferred to our new offers for free within the next 24 hours. We are going to migrate 4 nodes to our new nodes within the upcoming 2 weeks.   We have received many feedbacks on how we can go further, how to ... Read More »

25th Mar 2014
Apply Credit -> FIXED

Over the last few weeks, it appears that the apply credit to invoices was broken. We have successfully fixed it and the feature is presently working properly. A massive update of the websites is coming pretty soon. We are going to review our whole website structure from scratch. It will be available within the next few weeks.  Read More »

20th Mar 2014