Today, we have officially released a new feature for all shared web hosting users and all resellers web hosting users.

You can now install an unlimited amount of SSLs issued from Let's encrypt directly from your cPanel and without the requirement of having a dedicated IP.

A SSL certificate would authentify your website and encrypt the http connections from your users to your websites, through the https:// protocol.
Server side, it is using more ressources but since, we have planned such usage for years, there wouldn't be any difference from the server performances.

Also, Google has officially announced that usiing a SSL is now a ranking factor which would climbing the results to get more traffic and it is a success we want for you.

Let's Encrypt is a new initiative working on making the use of https as a new web standard by providing free SSLs.
The SSLs are and will be domain validated type of certificates.

Once, generated they are active for 3 months and are meant to be renewed.

We have therefore, added the possibility to generate your SSL directly from your cPanel access and the renewal will be fully automated for you.

You can refer to our knowledgebase article to start using and secure your website right away.

Consequently, the domain validated SSL we offer for a fee will disappear from our range of services and we will introduce the Extended Validation SSLs (commonly known as providing a Browser Greenbar), Organization Validation SSLs and Wildcard SSLs which aren't covered by Let's Encrypt.

We sincerely hope you'll enjoy this new feature brought for free to your web hosting accounts.

NB : For Linux VPS / Dedicated users -> The feature is released in Beta
       For Windows VPS users -> The feature is now pushed in our labs

Saturday, April 9, 2016

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