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PHP 5.6 & PHP 7.0 EOL, Hello PHP 7.3
Throughout this announcement, we are informing our Shared Web Hosting Clients that starting from September 2019, all new shared web hosting servers will not include the PHP version 5.6 nor the PHP version 7.0. These PHP versions are currently not being updated and are the less performant among the PHP version we have. All current clients will keep benefiting from the PHP versions as long as there is no request for a server change and it will be guaranteed for both...

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Shared Web Hosting Huge Jump in Features
Today, we are announcing the release of many asked features on your shared web hosting account.  Python / Ruby Applications We have upgraded the Python and Ruby manager which was reserved to a selected few giving the complexity it took to run Python / Ruby based applications on your cPanel accounts.You should now see a python and ruby application builder inside your cPanel account which would allow to quickly deploy your scripts and application from cPanel directly.  You can quickly deploy an...

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