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Windows VPS – Next Gen on its way !
It’s coming! Today we are proud to annouce that we are going to release our next gen Windows VPS, finally!
The first users will be transferred to our new offers for free within the next 24 hours. We are going to migrate 4 nodes to our new nodes within the upcoming 2 weeks.

We have received many feedbacks on how we can go further, how to increase the services quality and what do you expect from your windows VPS. We have listened to your requests and most of them are covered.
– Control Panel ! The most demanded feature is finally here. It has been quite a challenge to establish a control panel for Hyper-V. And now it is ready. You’ll be able to have many features included such as the restart / start / stop buttons, the password change, reinstallation on your own without contacting our support. 80% of our support requests regarding the Windows VPS are actually covered by this control panel, which means we will have a greater support availibility for which we are going to consider a free services management.
– 10 GBPS Port ! That’s right! Our nodes will now be holding a 10 GBPS network card which would allow us at anytime to increase drastically the bandwidth without having to change the hardware.
Such flexibility is an incredible asset. The bandwidth will never be the bottleneck of your activities. By default we will plug a 1 GBPS connection to the nodes burstable to 3GBPS on rush hours. While we had 1 GBPS burstable before, it wasn’t as efficient giving the 1 GBPS port we had and already near 1 GBPS of port speed.

– SAS 15k Hard Drives ! It is a huge improvement which involves a lot. We are going to reduce by 50% the VPS density per hard drive and the hard drive speed has been drastically increased. (350 mb per sec in writting VS 120 mb per sec on our old nodes with SATA III). So less VPS per hard drive and faster hard drives which would boost your experience to its maximum.

– Tiers 4 Nodes ! And here again, we go even further. Throughout the years, over all the nodes, we had a few outages dealing with network (in october 2012) and with the power supply of the servers (august 2012, march 2013, July 2013, November 2013). While it remains factual events which are generally patched within a couple of hours, we decided to introduce some redundancy in the cooling system, in the network (2 network card with independant networks), and 2 power supplies per server based on 2 different electrical networks.

– DDoS protection ! As of october, we have silently deployed a DDoS protection throughout all our network which can hold huge attacks. It is also included in your Windows VPS. It is a high end protection based on Arbor and Cisco Routers which are able to instantly detect an attack and mitigate the traffic. The nasty DDoS packets are filtered while the legitimate packets are still carried to your services.

– CPU Upgrade ! We are going to use 2 high End CPU per node. While the clock would slightly decreasd (from 3.2 Ghz to 3 Ghz without Turbo) the number of cores will be way higher and the L3 cache would be doubled from 12 Mb to 25 MB. The architecture of the CPU is even better as well with up to date instructions sets.

All these exciting features are coming right now. Dealing with pricing, we are going to introduce a level in between the level 3 and 4. The price will decrease for high end levels (level 7 and level 8). There would be no price increase for the remaining level. We are going to reduce however, the hard disk space on a per level basis. The current VPS would remain untouched and will automatically upgraded to the newer offers.

We are going to proceed to the beginning of the migration tomorrow and the new VPS will be available to the public within a few days.

Apply Credit -> FIXED
posted by: in Client Area

Over the last few weeks, it appears that the apply credit to invoices was broken. 
We have successfully fixed it and the feature is presently working properly. 

A massive update of the websites is coming pretty soon. 
We are going to review our whole website structure from scratch. It will be available within the next few weeks. 

Linux VPS : Canada Location Available & US IP

Following the events of yesterday regarding the Linux VPS node 6, we had to rush what we were cooking for a few months. 
One of the most demanded request, is now available!

We have opened a node in Canada and we would be able to provide US IPs. 
By default, the VPS will be set up in Canada for now, unless you need France as specific location, you would need to open a support ticket specifying you want a specific location. 

US IPs are also available upon request. We won’t issue more than 1 US IP per VPS to start with, but it should be a very welcome feature. 

You can get in touch with us to have more information and details on this new deployement. 

FREE Hosting – Discontinued

After 3 years of faithful services, we decided to discontinue our free web hosting services following a decrease in the services quality which doesn’t reflect our premium services quality.
The time spent by our staff to keep this line of services was too important and affected our customers at some level. ALso, we faced an increase of abuses throughout the end of 2013.
While, it was effective in November 2013, we kept on the cPanel access for our users to retrieve their websites.
We have achieved the migration from the free hosting to the shared web hosting for all users who ordered a web hosting account.
Today, we have permanently shut down the free service along with the cPanel access.
We still have a backup of all the cPanel accounts, that is going to be kept for another 6 months, to make sure that there isn’t any data loss involved for nobody.


We are currently performing the DNS migration of the freehst.com subdomains for our shared customers. 
Currently, it is located on a standalone server which is growing old. 

We are going to transfer the zones to our DNS cluster which would provide a more reliable DNS service. 
No downtime is expected. 

Server Mirage – Transfer – NameServer Updated
posted by: in Announcements

We have transferred Mirage Server accounts to a brand new server.

For customers, who had registered a domain outside Host-Stage.net are invited to change their nameservers to :



Feel free to contact the support, to have more information on how to proceed.

Thank you for your attention,

Best Regards

Host-Stage  Support

New Features in Shared Servers : cPremote

We have the pleasure to announce that we have migrated our backup system to cPremote as it brings a better user experience.

You have now the possibility to manage your backup from your cPanel accounts and restore files / SQL database / mail accounts.

It is also improving our backup process by using way less ressources.

For you information, the shared servers while on a RAID 10 array are under a daily backup.

This update excludes the Free Web Hosting servers.

Best Regards
HostStage’s Support

Migration Of Shared Web Hosting Users To Cloudlinux

We have migrated our whole array of shared web servers from CentOS to CloudLinux.

Over the last few days, we have deployed the kernel upgrade which may have caused an increase in the load average of most of the servers.

We have just pushed the final upgrade in rebooting all the servers and performed a few maintenance operations to insure that the transition was smooth.

Indeed, we have optimized and repaired all the MySQL databases on all MySQL servers, we have run a few check disk to fix possible hidden issues that would have been latent and we have recompiled a few components of apache to increase the overall stability.

Over the last few months, we have tighten our security policy and kept increasing the features.

You have now the possibility to run antivirus scans within your cPanel control area.

And now comes Cloud Linux which is an amazing upgrade which would increase the overall stability by isolating each users from each others.

The main lines are that a virtual CPU core is assigned to each accounts and are meant to contain the usage. Therefore, if one user is facing a huge spike of activity, the account would remain live and solely this very user would be slowed down, instead of affecting the whole server and all of its users.

Currently, a ton of new features are planned and we will be pushed in production once they are ready, so stay tune!

Migration Of Linux VPS Users

We currently are moving the linux VPS users to a brand new node.

Indeed, we are upgrading all our linux VPS nodes to the 2013’s newest specifications.

As the update involves a massive improvements of our services, we feel fair to upgrade our current users for them to benefit from even better services, without any prices increase.

The CPU will be increased from 2.67 Ghz to a Xeon E5-1620 @ 3.6 Ghz.

The new nodes will be also connected to a dedicated 1 gbps network.

On a side note, the RAM availibility for burstable purposes would be massively increased.

We are performing the upgrade during the night from the timezone you have signified at sign up. A downtime of 30 minutes to 2 hours may occur according to your disk space usage.

If you have a critical need to be online for few days because of an extraordinary activity and therefore you can’t afford any downtime, please use the contact form to let us know about it.

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