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Support's Quality : A must-have for a web hosting provider !

top support web hosting service

Host-Stage's support is provided by a qualified technical team of experts which is included to our company. We strongly don't believe in a real involment from external companies which would take care of our customers.

Because we know that in the web hosting world, an efficient and active support is one of the most important aspect for any webmaster, we have decided to always hire new experts in order to always have a steady staff ready to answer any kind of request and bring you always more satisfaction. That is the reason why Host-Stage is investing a lot of ressources to provide the best support you can expect from a web hoster.

24/7 Support

As a matter of fact, we divide the support in 3 main catagories which guarantee a top-class support in any circumstance:

  • Standard Support : consist in High Quality Support with a 3 hours delay for Starter and Premiumm Web Hosting only.

    Every ticket is free, and we take time to analyse your situation. Some Web Hosting Provider make their customeirs pay for any ticket dropped in their support, that's heavily against our policy !

    We even offer the first set up of your CMS if you need it.

  • 24/7 Support

  • Premium Support : is included in all of our business plan, Reseller Hosting and all kind of servers such as Linux VPS, Windows VPS, and Dedicated Server.

    The premium support insures a delay of 1 hour only 24/7 and it is also free of charge and included within your hosting plans.

  • 24 Hours Support : Every request which can't be solved within an hour of time is going to our level 3 technical team. It brings you the guarantee to find a solution in 100% of the cases.

    As we divide our staff in different level of expertise, we insure a light tickets queue all the time.

Our objective to always increase the quality of the support is, according to us, critical and remains the main goal to reach every single day !

We encourage you to report your experience you had with our support through our Contact Form

Host-Stage always want to make your life even easier that it is already with the following features :


heartWhat our clients say?

I have been using a Core i7 with 24Gb ram since 3 months now and am nothing but happy. is cheap, fast, great machine, brilliant support and bulletproof. They are the best providers I have ever come across in my IM career.!- Founder and Chairman,
A quite impressive service for a very reasonnable price. The Support is very very reactive for any kind of demand. I must say that I've never been as satisfied from a Web Hosting provider. Keep on !- WNK, France
I've purchased a domain name from Host Stage, I'm quite satisfied about the service. The sales team is friendly. - Liz, U.S.A.
I have 5 dedicated servers for a clustering hosting purpose. The support has been outstanding, efficient and excellent. They dealt with my custom configuration in no time ! - John, U.K.