Mailing Server

Our Mailing Servers

MAILING VPS 120 $ MonthlyMAILING VPS 235$ MonthlyMAILING DEDICATED110 $ Monthly
Cores / CPU Frequency2 Cores @ 3.20 Ghz2 Cores @ 3.20 Ghz4 C/8T Intel Xeon
SSD Capacity30 GB Intel SSD50 GB SSD2*2 TB SATA III
Special FeatureMailing ReadyMailing ReadyMailing Ready

Dued to the success of the Mailing VPS Level 1 and Level 2, we are out of stock

Mailing Server Features

Cheapest and Straightfoward IP Pricing

We have opted for a very fair IP price for your mailing campaigns allowing to scale up easily at no cost.
The price is $3 set up fee for an IP and then only $0.50 recurring per IP. Such pricing model is ideal for mid-long term mailer making it profitable starting the 2nd month compared to the industry standards.

RDNS / PTR Records Panel

Get a full and unrestricted access to your reverse DNS / PTR records directly from the client-area.
You would only need to create a DNS A entry pointing to your domains / subdomains and you'll be able to set your rDNS in no time.

Automatic Blacklist Report

To keep your inboxing rate as high as possible, we have developped an unique way for you to be informed in real time of any blacklists.
The time of being blacklisted while running a campaign affecting your inboxing are over! You'll be alerted immediately.

Full Control Panel

You'll get an exclusive access to a control panel allowing you to manage your mailing VPS within a few clicks.
Whether it is to restart it, reinstall it or monitor it, you'll have it all. You can access it directly from your client area.

100% Clean / Fresh IP Blocks

We guarantee to our mailing customer that all issued IPv4 blocks are 100% clean and fresh.
We have designed our line of services accordingly at your best convenience.

Selected Hardware

We have selected our hardware wisely according to your very need of mailing.
We are expecting you to be using all your resources according to your email configuration.
Therefore, we have chosen exclusively qualitative hardware so you can focus only on your campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

It has nothing to do with our other offers.The infrastructure is dedicated to mailers from the hardware to the IPs.

You benefit from a straight forward pricing, an exclusive IP cost making your campaigns profitable quickly and allowing you to scale up as much as you please.

With the blacklists alerts, spam alerts, and the RDNS panel, you have access to a set of features never seen before with a hosting company!

No, we don’t. Our offers are designed only for clean and opt-in mailing campaigns and we have designed a SPAM detection algorithm which would prevent any abuse of our offer.

Our goal is to give an opportunity to mailers to make money online with the ease of having a suitable and cost efficient offers tailored for their very needs.

No! You can send as much emails as you please as long as your mailing campaign is configured properly.

You can refer to the knowledgebase article below to learn how to run a successful mailing campaign :



You get a full and unrestricted access to your VPS / dedicated server so you can configure as you please.

Yes! You can install any MTA you please.

Whether it is PowerMTA, Postfix, Exim  you have the total freedom to choose the Mail Transporter Agent you please.